Terms and Conditions

Website Development Terms and Conditions
Socialleap is a very transparent company. We encourage this transparency in all our communication and relationships with business partners! We would like to set out a couple of rules of engagement regarding our web design services. Please sign the document in the space provided below and send it back to lehan@socialleap.co.za.
What is included in my web design package?
• We offer 5 pages for you to customize or 5 sections on a one-pager.
• E commerce sites are priced at R12000 for a basic site with up to 40 products. A site with more products and more intricate back-end development will be quoted accordingly.
• All our websites are fully responsive on mobile devices
• 1 year hosting and domain hire – We do not carry the cost, because this package auto renews every year. You are welcome to provide us with your web host of choice and we will deduct the price from the final invoice. If you are unsure who to choose, we will help you set up an account at our favourite web hosts! They give you 1000mb of space on the back-end to load content, 50 personalised emails, unlimited traffic and 99% up-time. We will never put you in the hands of someone we don’t trust!
• Search Engine Optimisation is included in our base price
• We will setup and link all your social media pages to at least 5 links on your site
• You get a cool Google Map thingy on your Contact page, so people can see exactly where you are.
• You also get 2 revision rounds. The revision rounds work like this:
o Round 1: You go through the website with your designer (either on the phone or skype or in person) and compile an email with all the changes you would like to be done!
o Round 2: You go through the website on your own after the first round of amendments and compile another email with the changes you would like. Any misunderstandings will be communicated immediately so we can get it right.
o Round 3 onward: We know that as soon as the creativity hits, it doesn’t stop! But unfortunately, our time is an extremely valuable commodity… a third round of changes will be quoted, paid and then the changes will be made! This process will be repeated for future changes.
Revision round 3 and up pricing:
Here we will go through approximate prices you can expect to see in the round 3 and up quote.
Additional page – R750*
Fancy feature – R200*
Extra product – R100* per product
Changing a picture – R10 (If the new picture is provided by you)
Rephrasing – R5 per sentence
*These prices are just an indication and may change according to the demand.
Providing of content
No one knows your business like you do! We get that. For us to represent your business in your new website, we need you to provide us with all the fancy lingo and HD photos to make this dream work! You don’t have to be an exceptional writer! Just give us an idea of what you want to say (In this case less is NOT more) and we will give it some character. If you are not impressed, you are more than welcome to change the wording twice.
Pictures are a little bit more difficult. It must be HD quality. If you want to use stock photos, we will buy a license on your behalf. You will have access to the rest of the photos if we don’t use all of it on the site. The photos can be used in marketing material both online and offline! This is not included in the base price.
Alternatively, we can arrange with a local photographer to swing around and take amazing photos of you, your business and your services! The photographer might be a bit more expensive, but it will be a very nice personal touch.
The process step by step:
1. Fill in the socialleap website questionnaire
2. Receive a quote with all your requests listed
3. Sign the quote and send it back to us
4. Receive an invoice for the 50% deposit
5. Send socialleap all your content
6. Work starts as soon as the deposit is paid
7. Sneak peak of the site after home page has been created
8. Reveal full site for the first time at least a week before deadline day
9. Round 1 and 2 of changes
10. A final email confirming the satisfaction with the site
11. Final invoice for the balance + additional cost is made out
12. Website goes live after final amount have been paid
13. We hand over all the login details for different services
14. Arrange for training date and time
The deposit is a very important part of the project timeline, because numerous rights and or licenses must be bought before designing can begin. We ask for a 50% deposit upfront. The balance + any additional cost (if any) can be paid after everything is done and dusted or according to the agreement beforehand.